Sunday, 3 February 2013


It's been so long since I started a blog that I've totally forgotten how to go about it! So, hello! I'm Bex, some of you may know me from my other blog, An Armchair by the Sea, where I've been talking about books and such related things for a couple of years now. I decided to start another blog for my crafts as I'm getting more ambitious and I feel like I need a place to talk about that!

I've also just opened an Etsy shop, the link to which you can find in the sidebar --> It's really brand new at the moment and there are a few major flaws with it, mainly that it doesn't yet have a banner and my photography skills need some definite improvement, but I'll get there!

My baby is just about to be four months old and I kind of feel like I need a bit of a reinvention in my life, as I'm enjoying being at home a huge amount more than I thought I would - I guess the domestic woman in me is finally coming out! Anyway, I feel like the craft community is going to be a great place to be, and I look forward to sharing my projects and experiences! :-) 

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  1. Congrats on your new venture(s) Bex! I hope you have fun creating and sharing your creations and I wish you much success on your Etsy site. I see you already have some seasonal fare up there and ready. Very excited for you.