Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Most Exciting Earnings Ever!

Today started off a little stressfully to be honest. I had a meeting at work to talk about what will happen when I go back after maternity leave - it won't happen till September so thankfully I still have some time to wrap my head around the idea of not being home with a small gorgeous baby all day! After that I came home, hung out with aforementioned baby and hubby for a while, and thought I'd check my email quickly before heading out to do some more househunting. I checked my email, and literally started shrieking because......today (after pretty much giving up on ever selling anything) I had my first Etsy sale!

I honestly don't think I've been as excited to have earned money since I was a kid, and although I love my (previously mentioned) 'proper job', this is the first money I've made in a loooooong time from the work of my own hands and it feels amazingly rewarding to know that somebody thought something I made was good enough to spend their own hard earned money on! I spent the evening packing it up for postage tomorrow so now I just have to wait with baited breath and hope that my first ever customer loves her purchase as much as I do. I am literally on tenterhooks, and now I'm off to rush about the house and shriek some more.
And because I'm not one to miss an opportunity for shameless self-promotion, if you think he looks adorable, I can make you your own, just click here!

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